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Beautiful Gowns for your abode

Creative Solutions for Your Textile Design Needs

Hand Sewn Turkish Day Curtains

Drawn during the day for privacy and to keep the room comfortably cool. Day curtains are usually fabricated with thinner polyester material, allowing more light to pass through yet dense enough to filter out UV and heat from the sunlight.

Morning Light
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Luxurious Night Curtains for a tranquil sleep

Night curtains are the most optimal to block off sunlight and provides the best light control. In addition, the fabric tends to reduce external noise by absorbing it.

VCS offers various night curtains to cater for your every needs:

  • Normal (~60% blackout)

  • Dimout (~80% blackout)

  • Blackout (up to 99.9% blackout)

Available in S-fold, Eyelet and double pleat sewing


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