The blinds

Window shades of the new era

Timber Blinds

Blind of Eleganza

Fabricated in Korea, with slats made of strengthened PVC and binded together with polyester string. VCS premium Timber blind, which is also water resistant, alters light passing through by tilting the slats with a pulley string. 
Slats available in:
40mm, 50mm or 63mm
Bamboo, Brass wood, Cedar, Marupa, NZ pine,

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Rainbow blinds

The blind with many possibilities

Operates similarly with roller blind, rainbow blind is enhanced with an additional layer of fabric that allows the desired amount of light to pass through by adjusting the overlapping section of the opaque fabric. 
Available in innumerable of colours, textures and designs.

Roller Blinds

The most enduring window shade

Roller blinds are constructed using time-tested methods that are made to last (average life span: 7 - 10 years)*.

At VCS, the traditional blind is rejuvenated with contemporary designs, colors and textures to offer you the best of both worlds.


  • Balcony / Service yard

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

*Subject to proper usage & maintenance

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