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Invisible Grille

The inconspicuous protector

The Backbone

VCS invisible grille frame is constructed with non-toxic aluminium alloy, then subject to a series of powder coating to deliver properties such as resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and wearing*. 

Available in slew of colours to blend seamlessly with your existing window frame.

*Note: Subject to proper usage and maintenance

Picture: Casement grille

The Bayshore_edited.jpg
The Bayshore A_edited.jpg

The Protector

Delicately fabricated to just 2mm thick, VCS uses only the highly graded 316 stainless steel that is renowned for its resistance to atmospheric corrosion. For enhanced safety, the grilles are encapsulated in protective rubber casing to prevent abrasion injuries.


Grille width (2"*, 3", 4")

Vertical or Horizontal grille

*Note: Additional cost may apply

Picture: Fixed grille with frame

Assurance you require

High tech fabrication with weather resistant powder coating

Skillfully manufactured in Singapore

3 years warranty coverage: rust, breakage (incl protective rubble casing)*

*Note: Subject to proper usage and maintenance

Picture: Minimalist grille

Costal Del Sol B_edited_edited.jpg
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